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4 Qualities to Look for When Booking an Event Center


With the holidays coming up, it may be time to start planning some festivities. From winter weddings to conferences to holiday parties, you need a space that can host many people at one time. Here are the qualities to look for when finding an event center.

1. Location

Location is important for any event. Unless you’re willing to provide transport for each attendee, focus on hosting your event at a location that’s easy for people to reach. Consider where people are likely to stay, especially if you’re expecting people from out of town. Most travelers visit almost 40 websites before booking their accommodations, according to Expedia. That’s why it’s ideal to find an event center at a hotel, so you can kill two birds with one stone.

2. Amenities

You may need different amenities for your event. For example, do you need customized catering? What about LCD projectors or drop-down screens? It’s crucial to ask a prospective venue about how they can meet your event’s needs and what equipment they can provide.

3. Capacity

Be aware of the headcount for your event. As long as you understand how many people are likely to show up, you can find the right event space to fit everyone. After all, there are safety codes like fire code restrictions you must adhere to. Plus, if you have an event serving food, you must alert the caterer, so they can plan accordingly. If you’re doing an event at a hotel event space, they may have more than one ballroom to rent out. So you can choose the one more suitable for your capacity.

4. Cost

Events planners have a budget to work with. Whether planning a wedding, corporate conference, or holiday happy hour, you need to find an event space you can afford. As you find event centers you’re interested in, try to get estimates from three different ones to compare.

If you want your event to go exactly as you planned, the best way to start is by finding the perfect event center to host everyone. When you contact the Grand Hotel, we can provide you with extensive information about why we’re the right space for your event. We look forward to speaking with you!