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3 Benefits of Reading Reviews Before Booking a Hotel Room


How do you decide which hotel to stay in when traveling? This process can be overwhelming because of the many choices available. Reading hotel reviews is one of the best ways to gauge a hotel before booking a stay. Photos on a hotel’s website may be appealing, but the real insight lies in other people’s experiences. Below are some benefits of reading reviews before booking a hotel room.

1. Makes Your Decision Easier

Decisions, even those that seem minor, can be hard to make when presented with multiple options. After all, there is so much information you can process at once. Thanks to hotel reviews, it becomes easier to make a decision. Picture a situation where you have twenty hotels to choose from. You decide to go online and check reviews, which helps you filter out about ten hotels. Now you’re left with ten hotels to choose from, which makes choosing one much easier.

2. Offers Trustworthy Insight

What better way to learn more about a hotel than through people who have already experienced their services? Good reviews indicate a hotel is worth a visit. According to Expedia, about 72% of the time, consumers are likely to pick hotels with better guest reviews than those with brand status or a known name. Why is that? People value quality and want to be sure they won’t regret their purchases. One of the best ways to ensure that when it comes to hospitality is by reading hotel reviews.

You can trust hotel reviews as a reliable, first-hand account of what it’s like to stay there. Customers are simply narrating their experience in a hotel. They have nothing to gain or lose from the reviews. That’s what makes their reviews trustworthy. While no business is likely to lack bad reviews, if there are more good reviews than bad, it indicates a hotel is a good place to stay.

3. Increases Your Confidence in the Brand

If you’re booking a hotel, there can be uncertainty about whether you’ll get your money’s worth. This is especially common when trying out a new hotel. If many people have left positive reviews, you can have some confidence in the hotel. Reviews also help you know what to and what not to expect. Most things won’t catch you by surprise because you have already read the reviews.

If you’re looking to rent a room and want to be confident in your purchase, we can help. At the Grand Hotel, we have great reviews and listen to your unique needs to ensure that you have an amazing stay. Contact us today!